Jules fulfilled a life long dream of selling her art on Pier 60 in Florida's Clearwater Beach.

Original Hand Painted Art

  1. Black Sunset
    Black Sunset
  2. Small Sunset Palm
    Small Sunset Palm
  3. Large Sunset Palm
    Large Sunset Palm
  4. Beach
  5. Clearwater Florida
    Clearwater Florida

Hand Painted Cork Coasters

  1. White Palm
    White Palm
  2. Love Coffee
    Love Coffee
  3. Black Palm
    Black Palm
  4. Sunset Palm
    Sunset Palm

Note Cards

  1. Clearwater Beach
    Clearwater Beach
  2. Thanks palmtree
    Thanks palmtree
  3. Hey dude
    Hey dude
  4. Hi Pele
    Hi Pele
  5. Thanks sunset
    Thanks sunset
  6. Footprints
  7. Thinking of you
    Thinking of you
  8. Hello sunshine
    Hello sunshine
  9. Clearwater FL
    Clearwater FL

Ceramic Coasters

  1. Black Silhouette
    Black Silhouette
  2. Tommy Turtle
    Tommy Turtle
  3. White Silhouette
    White Silhouette
  4. Beach
  5. Footprints
  6. Mama Pelican
    Mama Pelican
  7. Clearwater Beach
    Clearwater Beach
  8. Vintage Palmtree
    Vintage Palmtree
  9. Clearwater Beach
    Clearwater Beach
  10. Sister Pelican
    Sister Pelican
  11. Brother Pelican
    Brother Pelican

Ceramic Christmas Ornaments

  1. Black Palmtree
    Black Palmtree
  2. Vintage Ornament
    Vintage Ornament
  3. Clearwater Beach
    Clearwater Beach
  4. Sunset

Hand Painted Wood Christmas Ornaments

  1. Orange Star
    Orange Star
  2. Pink Heart
    Pink Heart
  3. Pink Circle
    Pink Circle
  4. Orange Circle
    Orange Circle
Jules Elders 2015