Chicago Bulls Programs

"Why buy Bulls Season TIckets?" BECAUSE... I just watched the commercials below and remembered how much I love this team. And the early 2000's. :)

Larger Than Life

When you have a big product, sometimes all you need to do is show it to have impact. Such was the case with the “Larger than Life” Campaign. Big players, big medium, and a new perspective on the Bulls. Literally.
I was signed as photographer & CD on the project, making it one of my favorites to date. No one was using the color "white" at the time, much less cutting lifestyle out and putting it on a white background. The look was so fresh and dynamic, it was copied by many the following season.
Shooting it was thrilling, I developed a huge plexi-glass box for the players to stand on. I was inside and they stood above me, bouncing the ball in my face. For me at least, The Bulls truely became Larger than Life.

History in the Making
Sports history is one of the most beautiful past times. Loving and believing in a team. Watching it grow and change throughout the years, players teaching players...handing down tricks and trades. This campaign highlighted the very reason to keep going to games. Every night is history in the making. Every night goes down on record, in history. Don't miss one single moment. Buy your season tickest TODAY!   
Commercials coming soon, 
stay tuned!
Jules Elders 2015