Cottonelle Programs

Fancy Something Fresher?
Round 2 with British television personality Cherry Healey, Cottonelle continues to
get people talking about the Cottonelle Care Routine. 

Let's Talk Bums
Shoppers don’t think about – much less talk about – adding moist wipes to their toilet routine. Cottonelle changed all that by using British television personality Cherry Healey to
get people talking about the Cottonelle Care Routine. We brought the conversation to
key retail partners with
digital interaction, in-store merchandising and a Walmart-exclusive appearance on
“The Talk.”
Test Your Cleaning Logic
When you want to get something really clean, you wash with dry cloth and water. But when people think about cleaning themselves in the bathroom, they don’t use moist wipes with dry tissue. We put that flawed cleaning logic to the test to convince shoppers that nothing leaves them feeling cleaner than the combination of Cottonelle moist wipes and dry bathroom tissue. By challenging shoppers to take our test, we helped them elevate their standards of personal cleaning.

2014  Effie Award Winning Video

Jules Elders 2015