Huggies Programs

Squirmy Baby
To get moms to try new Slip-on diapers, we issued a 5-day challenge that would prove they were the right diaper for her squirmy baby. After 5 days of using them Mom would have a good start on a new changing routine, leading to a new purchase routine of buying Slip-ons instead of open diapers.
Dad's Test
What’s the ultimate performance torture test for Huggies diapers and wipes? It’s not a blue liquid absorbency demonstration, or anything you can do in a lab. The best test for any diaper is real life. So we challenged Moms to put Huggies to the ultimate real life test: Dad.
Limited Edition Hawaiian
Say aloha to cuteness for a great cause! With new Hawaiian designs from Huggies, shopping for diapers became as fun as shopping for cute baby clothes. And every Hawaiian diaper Mom purchased helped a baby in need with our "every little bottom" program.
Pool Days Ahead
Busy moms plan ahead – by early spring, family vacations are booked, swim classes are scheduled, and bathing suits are purchased. To get her to include swim diapers in her pre-planning, we appealed to Mom’s anticipation of warm weather and desire to enjoy every single moment of it with her baby.

Pull-Ups & GoodNites

Take a Potty Break
With Disney Designs, Potty Training is fun!
Do the Potty Dance
At retail, the Potty Dance program is focused on driving trial by getting Mom to start training her child using the "Potty Dance Kit". A Free jumbo sticker on pack lures the child and excites them to buy and  to start training with the Potty Dance. Get rewards, music and more fun with the Potty Dance Training kit., Potty training is fun with the Potty Dance!
4 and up!
After age 4, kids should no longer be using training pants for nighttime accidents. GoodNites are designed for kids 4+, feeling and looking more like real underwear. So we created a visual reminder that her child has outgrown training pants and is big enough for GoodNites.
Jules Elders 2015