Kleenex Programs

Get into the rhythem
Mom has her own routine to keep her family healthy, but it doesn’t always include Kleenex. When her family gets sick, she’s content to use substitutes like toilet paper or private label tissues. But those don’t keep germs off her family’s hands as well as Kleenex. We inspired Mom to add Kleenex to her healthy home habits by creating a fun hand-clapping routine that reminded her of the importance of clean hands and highlighted the superior hand protection
of Kleenex.

Sneeze of Shame
All too often, shoppers wait until someone gets sick before they even think about buying facial tissue. So they’re unprepared when the first sneeze strikes to someone they care about. To motivate Mom to stock up on Kleenex before cold season
hits, we dramatized the sense
of shame her family feels when they’re caught without Kleenex. And we made Mom the hero, ready to come to their rescue with a Bundle Pack of thicker, more absorbent Kleenex
Brand tissue.

Bulk Up with Kleenex!
Cold and flu season is a peak selling season for facial tissue, but Kleenex was getting muscled out by competitors offering rich pre-season discounts. We helped Kleenex fight back with a bundle strategy that encouraged shoppers to stock up early on the thicker, more absorbent strength of Kleenex with
Sneeze Shield.

Softness Worth Sharing
During cold and flu season, sharing a box of tissue is the ultimate way to give a bit of comfort, a small gesture of care that makes a big difference. And as “America’s Softest Tissue,” only Kleenex will do. We gave shoppers even more ways to show how much they care by pairing Kleenex with other comfort-giving products in special “Care Packs” they could share with family and friends online and through their social networks.
Jules Elders 2015