Pernod Ricard Programs

Beefeater "Sharp'ner"
Challenged with making Beefeater a call brand on premise, we imported a behavior from London. The Beefeater “Sharp’ner” was a term Londoners coined for a quick, social drink that allows friends to connect without committing to an entire evening. It was promoted by teams of Beefeaters who handed out actual minted coins (pounds). The coins gave patrons one “Beefeater Sharp’ner”, a new drink concocted specifically for a fresh new way to enjoy Beefeater.
Stoli Hotel
Stolichnaya wanted to create a total brand experience in the form of a month-long innovative pop-up "HOTEL", which traveled around the US. Guests are greeted by doormen, “check in” at the Reception Lobby, and can meet with a Brand Ambassador to learn about Stoli, or indulge in a spa treatment service. Four private "flavor" rooms host a range of events. Each room mimics an actual hotel room, complete with suite furnishings and a bed. In each market Stoli Hotel became the “it” event location for celebrities, local VIPs and media partners. The program garnered placement
on E!, Access Hollywood,
People Magazine and won
an "ex" award.
Get Lucky with Jameson
5 Star models promote Jameson by providing bar patrons with a free cocktail and a chance to play their 'Get Lucky' game. Choose from a dice or card game and win a variety of swag.
Jameson's Bartenders Ball
A program developed to build loyalty and brand advocacy amongst key trade and nightlife influencers, Bartenders Ball provided an edgy, hip, unique and immersive platform to engage key trade incluencers while increasing trial and awareness. Game and glam stations, airbrushed tattoo artists, photo booths and more provided every guest a unique interactive experience. Everyone left with a VIP lanyard and a custom t-shirt.    
Jules Elders 2015