Scott Programs

Toss the Tube
The typical “Mainstream Green” shopper wants to do their part for the environment – as long as it’s easy and they don’t have to give up quality. Scott Naturals made it easy for shoppers to help protect the environment with their revolutionary “Tube-Free” bath tissue. Our engaging activation inspired shoppers to “Toss the Tube” and take one small step that made a big difference.
Sectet Swap
Shoppers want to protect the environment, but they don’t want to give up quality. And because many “green” products just don’t work as well as they claim, shoppers are reluctant to try Earth-friendly brands. We overcame their resistance by asking Moms to secretly swap their families’ regular rolls with Scott Naturals and see if anyone noticed. They learned that Scott Naturals products are so good, their families will never notice the difference. But the environment will.
Shared Values
The savvy shopper loves to hunt for value. But on routine planned purchases like paper products, she frequently switches brands based on price alone, because no one had truly tapped her instinctive value-seeking behavior. Scott “Shared Values” helped her break her addiction to discounts by offering exclusive values customized to each retailer. Shoppers got values they really wanted, retailers got higher sales and Scott redefined the concept of value beyond price.
Jules Elders 2015