The Art Studio
The Englewood Art Studio offers 1 hour classes to local elementary school enrichment programs. Draw a new fun image every week! 10 week sessions starting in March.

Contact  Jules Elders  [email protected]

The Art studio uses pencils to sketch, markers to trace and crayons to achieve rich color, depth, gradation and shading.
This volcano is erupting with fun while we learn about color! Bright reds and yellows highlight the fiery lava while cool colors help convey the night time display.
Bring 4 chicks to life!  Today we learn how faces and poses help tell a story. 
Learn about composition with this magically cute dragon. Fill the page with spikes, scales and stars. Finish with a dark sky, cool stars and a blazing fire.
This cute kitten with a cupcake teaches us about patterns.
​Polka-dots, stripes, sprinkles and a tiger tail. Practice gradation from orange to yellow.

Learn a chiaroscuro effect while high contrasting light and shadow create a visually interesting composition of this angler fish. Drawn on blue paper, the white crayon becomes a star player.
In this adorable Valentines Day picture, kids will use their imagination to create a heart from the tails of 2 lovable pets. We use crayons to achieve shading and depth and marker to outline the shapes. Good practice in drawing hearts.
Sledding is FAST! Here we learn about movement and spacial relationships. Large snow in the forground and majestic Colorado mountians in the back. 3 cute characters in the middle ground add fun and speed lines show movement.
Is that MY shadow? Let your child decide in this clever cartoon. Learn about groundhogs day and how to draw winter snowflakes and spring flowers.
This banana split teaches us about layering. Keep your eraser handy as we overlap delicious ingredients and bright, contrasting colors to create a mound of yummy goodness. 
The combination of crayon and marker make this tucan fun to create. Learn how repeating shapes and contrasting colors make a whimsical illustration.