Walgreens Programs

The Walgreens "W"
Walgreens was looking for an iconic, memorable, and versatile mark that spoke to the variety of items in their stores. Our team introduced a simple yet elegant solution: Disconnect the Walgreen’s “W” from the rest of the name, and let it stand on it’s own. It’s an idea that has gone on to define Walgreen’s branding and is still in use today.
Picture your Dreams
with Oprah
To help their customers live better inside and out, Walgreens teamed wtih Oprah and her quest to help her readers reach their goals and dreams. Our "Picture your Dreams" campaign allowed readers to create a dreamboard on Oprah.com and get a FREE 8x10 print on Walgreens.com.
Feel Your Best Test
Walgreens is serious about your health, inside and out.  Teaming up with the Oprah "Be your Best" Campaign, we creatied this interactive "Test" series that engaged Oprah.com readers to answer questions about their health then get customized delivery of products to help them with their individual needs. Linked directly to walgreens.com store, sales increased. Once there, they could enter for a "year of feeling your best", a $100 shopping spree every month for a year!
To drive to wphoto.com, we developed an adorable interactive banner to increase use of Walgreens easy Photobook making program. Research shows mom loves sharing her kids' birthday party pictures, so we chose "birthday" as a vechical to sell these books. Who knows, maybe mom even copied our adorable copy with her own pictures. :)
Halloween is the largets picture taking holiday of the year. Mom delights and takes pride in these magical moments and Walgreens wants to help her share these memories with her loved ones! Targeted OLA's drove her to Wphoto where making personalized gifts, books and prints is as easy as pumpkin pie!
Jules Elders 2015